Summer Vacations and Eighth grade board exam news

         Punjab government decides to hold
summer vacations


Punjab government decides to hold summer vacations in all public and private educational institutions in the province from July 2 to August 15.

The Punjab Education Department sent a summary to the inter-provincial education conference


    Murad Ras announced the end
of eighth grade board  exam


Education Minister Dr. Murad Ross has said that children were being taught to copy at the age of ten, due to which we have abolished the fifth board exam. Next we are going to end the eighth board exam.

In the Punjab Assembly, Provincial Education Minister Dr Murad Rass while addressing the House on the cut motion of education said that the PML-N government has been in power for ten years. People from around the world were approached about their children. Blindly handed over the educational institutions to the people of foreign countries.

Murad Ras said that our government has given Rs. 19 billion to PAF program. We have identified 2.6 million children through Bay Farm. Earlier, fake students were recruited through PAF. He was in pain.

Murad Ras said that we have opened an education house, registered 120,000 teachers, 1200 first school upgrades and 7,000 more schools are going to be upgraded.

He could not have saved Rs 95 billion if he had followed N’s methods. He ran a train for a city on which Rs 295 billion was spent.

Elementary schools are going to start classes in the evening hours. Seven lakh 34 thousand children have been brought back to schools with no form. Copy was being taught due to which we have abolished the fifth board exam. Next we are going to abolish the eighth board exam.

In the days of the opposition, there was no video call system in school education. A bribe of up to Rs 1.5 lakh was taken for the transfer of a teacher. Through e-transfer, we have facilitated the transfer of teachers, we have developed an e-transfer app with zero money. Today, teachers can apply for their transfer, retirement, ACR online from home. On which Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi while praising said that you have created a good system for posting transfer.

Murad Ras added that why the opposition has not worked in the last ten years, we have built classrooms in 2000 schools. We have built 400 e-libraries. Five years later when we left the whole system on mobile phones The PML-N wants the people to remain ignorant and not go ahead and keep voting for them.

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