Lesson learned event


having illicit relations with man

During the
ghusl, a woman from Madinah placed her hand on the dead woman’s thigh and said
that she had an illicit affair with such and such a man.



Suffice it
to say that Allah Almighty pulled His loose rope.

The woman
died in a town in Madinah, and as soon as the woman who was doing the ghusl
said the above words, her hand clung to the thigh of the deceased. The adhesive
force was such that if the woman pulled her hand, she would drag the corpse,
but she would not let go.

time was approaching. His hand was stuck with the corpse and despite his best
efforts he was not parting. All the women grabbed his hand and pulled it out.
Here it is!

day passed, the night passed, the next day passed, then the night passed,
everything was the same, the corpse began to stink and it became difficult to
stay and sit next to him!

consultation with the Maulvis, Qaris and the entire Islamic community, it was
decided that the hand of the Ghusl woman should be cut off and the body should
be buried with her hand.

this decision was rejected by the bathing woman and her family saying that we
cannot disable the woman of our family so we do not accept this decision!

it was said that the part of the body of the deceased should be cut off and the
body should be released and buried, but to no avail. This time the family of
the deceased raised the objection that we are in any case unable to insult our

Malik Qazi was in this period. The matter was conveyed to Imam Malik to decide
this case. Imam Malik reached the house and, realizing the situation, asked the
woman in the bath, “O woman! Did you say anything about this corpse during
the bath?”

ghusl woman told the whole story to Imam Malik and told him that she told the
other women during the ghusl that the woman had an illicit affair with such and
such a man.

Malik asked, “Do you have witnesses to prove this allegation?” The woman
replied that she did not have any witnesses. Imam Malik then asked, “Did
this woman mention this to you in her life?” The answer is “no”

Malik immediately ordered that since this ghusl woman had slandered the
deceased, she should be given 80 lashes according to the prescribed limit!

order was obeyed and not 70, not 75, not 79, not even 80 lashes, after which
the woman’s hand separated from the deceased.

we don’t even think about slander. استغفراللہ

Zarqani Sharh Moota “

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