Pure Qur’an related to Sunnah

 Masha Allah ! Integrated things related to the pure Qur’an related to Sunnah

We are playing a role in any field of action. In the same way, we will have intellectual maturity and maturity. Because the characteristic of human psychology is that it perceives the supernatural, that is, the heavenly revelation, as being subdued.While the rest of the universe wants to understand the knowledge of the dominant psychologically dominant.


 And in the same way, this style of addressing or reforming is somehow in the field of action. Doesn’t seem to be applied to a specific person. In the same way, they do not injure the self-esteem of any individual. And it makes sense to all human beings. In the same way, the virtue and importance of Qur’an and Sunnah is being revealed to us non-Jews day by day.


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