Pakistan on England T20 World T20 Rankings

 Pakistan on England T20 World T20 Rankings

Pakistan is currently ranked fourth in the T20 format. England is the world number one team in the T20.


He wants Pakistan Cook to perform well in this game.The distance between England and England is 17 points.

However, if Pakistan wins the World No. 1 series against England 2/1, it will move from fourth to third place to New Zealand and New Zealand will move to fourth place. However, there is no difference in points between the two teams. Will not happen If Pakistan gives the host team a charisma like Whitewash in this series, then Pakistan will remain at the third position but with a little stronger than before.

However, thanks to Pakistan’s whitewash of England, India will become the king of Twenty20 cricket while England will have to wash their hands of the number one position.

If Pakistan manages to beat England by a margin of 2/1, then Pakistan will have to wash its hands of the top 4 teams in T20 and it will move to No. 5.

So this series is very important for Pakistan.

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