Scholarship amount in resource education program

      Scholarship amount in resource education                                        program


Primary (1500-2000) Rs

Secondary (2500-3000) Rs

Higher Secondary (Rs. 3500-4000)

                               Feeling / BISP

The government has expanded the scope of the “Resource Education Program” from nursery to twelfth grade. Now secondary and higher secondary school children will also be able to get scholarships

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     The government also decided to include “eunuchs” in the Ehsas program. Identity card holders “Eunuchs” will be eligible for a monthly stipend of 2000.

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Eunuchs will be eligible for the Ehsas Program’s 50 board meetings. The board approved

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To join the Ehsas program, eunuchs must enroll in a “survey” and obtain a national identity card.

 Feeling / BISP

The Wasila Education Program has increased the stipend for boys and girls.

The board approved

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