One lakh vacant teachers in schools in Punjab province

 Daily teachers

A plan has been prepared to recruit about one lakh vacant teachers in schools in Punjab province which will be completed gradually. In the first phase, about 20,000 teachers will be recruited in six districts including Mianwali. The salary of teachers will be Rs. 720 for primary teacher, Rs. 800 for elementary teacher and Rs. 1000 for high school teacher. Recruitment will require primary school matriculation and the rest of the schools will gradually require education up to Intermediate and Pachler. Candidates will be recruited in the same way as the children passed due to Karuna, meaning no exams will be taken. The interview will be of only 5 marks which will be taken by the school council committee. Remember that no one can fail from the interview.


In case of higher education than required, additional marks will also be given according to different categories, no one from outside the village and union council will be able to apply.

These teachers will be like college cti for a certain period of time after which they will sit at home and swing. If a day laborer does not like the school council, he will be sent home.

The benefit will be that the seats in all the schools will be filled, but the educators should also think about how diligently a day teacher will teach when he does not see his future as secure.

How regular that teacher will be when he knows that if he does not go to school, he will only get paid.

Will a matric pass teacher be able to read the current syllabus? While its quality of education will not be checked in any way.

Will qualified and highly educated people come to the Department of

Education in such a situation?

Don’t policy makers realize that there is no need to work in school or to graze goats so that whatever is found can be caught and made a teacher.

Has the quality of education in our country fallen so low that MA, MSc and M.Phil youth are gone?

In such a situation, will there be any difference between a teacher and a day laborer in the society?

Has there been any revolution in the recruitment of CTIs in colleges? Even today, people are not giving priority to teaching children in private colleges instead of government ones.

If the government is adopting a savings policy, then don’t be stingy in matters like education, otherwise the education fleet will be drowned.

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